saltwater fishing with baitballs

Saltwater fishing with BaitBalls is simple. Whether it’s beach fishing, kite fishing, reef fishing, trolling, or deep drop fishing there are many ways to take advantage of the powerful chumming ability of these BaitBalls. Below we’ve outlined some best practices for using BaitBalls that are sure to help you kick off your fishing experience in saltwater. Get ready to catch all kinds of fish; from grouper to snook to sailfish you’ll attract all kinds of species with our proven Menhaden fish oil formula.

With beach fishing you have the added advantage of the waves keeping your baitballs in a close proximity to your fishing area. Just toss or shoot the baitballs where you will cast your line and let great fishing commence.

With kite fishing, trolling, and deep drop you have the option of either stuffing your bait fish with baitballs or shooting them into the water around the area you fish. The high quality fish oil in these baitballs are guaranteed to make the fish go crazy. Our fish oil is proven to make the fish start biting.

If you are reef fishing you have these same options. Being stationary or drifting slowly while you fish will make the baitballs more effective as you stay in the area they draw attraction. Stuff your baitfish or shoot or throw them into the water to attract fish to your area.

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Saltwater fishing with BaitBalls is fun and easy to do. You can rest assured you will catch more fish, spend less on chum, and have a great time overall with our product. If you don’t use up all your BaitBalls in one trip then you can save them for another time. BaitBalls store best in a cool dark place out of the heat and sun where they can melt. Purchase BaitBalls from our website and let the good times roll with BaitBalls. Order BaitBalls today!

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