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Fishing with Menhaden oil is for fishermen who are serious about catching more fish in less time. The oil made from the Menhaden fish is considered better than chum at attracting fish and getting them in the boat according to many! BaitBalls chose to use Menhaden oil for the very reason that it’s some of the best fish attractant in the fishing industry. One day can change the way you fish forever when you try this product out.

Menhaden Oil Attracts More Fish (and Less Sharks)

Menhaden oil has been praised not only for attracting boatloads of fish to your area but also for attracting less of the fish you don’t want (including sharks). While Menhaden oil can be used to catch sharks, it has been noted for it’s ability to attract far more game fish than the rig recking sharks. The reason for this is not widely known nor is it scientifically proven but we are excited for you to try it yourself to discover you’re catching more fish and not the sharks that will steal your rig!

BaitBalls Are Filled With Menhaden Oil

The use of Menhaden oil is most effective when properly administered in the water. The use of a proper dispenser will do the trick but are hard to build. BaitBalls gains a competitive edge in your tackle box because they bypass this inconvenient fact. We actually filled paintballs with this miracle fish oil to help you administer this oil into the waters you want to fish.

Buy BaitBalls And Use Them With Or Without A Paintball Gun

You don’t need a paintball gun to use BaitBalls. You can stuff your bait with the product to get a reliable slow release method of attracting fish. If you have a paintball gun then you can simply shoot the BaitBalls into the water where you want them. Buy BaitBalls today by clicking here! Happy Fishing!

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