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Since BaitBalls were introduced they have been changing the way fishermen do fishing. Chumming the water has become way easier with these easy to use paintballs filled with Menhaden fish oil. When you want to fish your favorite spot you no longer need to haul around a bunch of smelly chum that you’ll have to use up regardless of whether or not the fish are biting that day.

BaitBalls are easy to transport, purchase, and use. Just bring them with you and toss them or shoot them into the water and the fish will go crazy! Filled with high quality fish oil these BaitBalls are guaranteed to make the fish start biting when and where you want them. This new product is available only from the BaitBalls website for now but we offer low cost and expedited shipping to customers all across the US and Canada.

Have a paintball gun? Then BaitBalls are perfect for you. Just shoot the BaitBalls where you want to cast your line and let great fishing times begin. We all want to catch more fish and in the past chumming the water was the only way to make that happen. With BaitBalls you can use a paintball gun to chum anywhere you want as far as the gun can shoot because these are authentically made paintballs that are equipped to be shot out of your device.

Don’t have a paintball gun? That’s no problem! There are many other ways to use BaitBalls without a paintball gun. Stuff them in your bait or throw them in the water and you’ll get the same effect! These BaitBalls work well under many different conditions and can be stored for later use without going bad.

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