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BaitBalls vision is that fishing can be even more fun than it currently is. With paintballs filled with Menhaden fish oil you can chum your lakes, rivers, and oceans with  or without a paintballs gun. Have a little more fun when you fish by catching more and relaxing more. Inexpensive and storable BaitBalls are meant to give you the ability to catch more fish when and where you want with the ability to easily chum the water. We make our BaitBalls with high quality fish oil that is proven to attract fish and help fishermen get more bites. The future of fishing begins with successful fishing abilities, BaitBalls help you achieve the success you crave.


BaitBalls is an innovative company changing the way fishermen do fishing. Take your chumming to a whole new level with BaitBalls you can shoot in the water, throw into the water, or stuff inside your bait for maximum fish attraction. BaitBalls is making waves in the fishing community with high quality products that speak to the local and competitive fisherman. The Menhaden fish oil contained in these BaitBalls is high quality and proven to attract fish. Try BaitBalls out by clicking here.
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Our work is one of a kind and is changing the world with every BaitBall created. Fishermen can now chum the water exactly where they cast their lines by throwing or shooting the balls where they want them. We take pride in providing chum solutions to all sorts of fishermen and our BaitBalls are here to stay! Order the BaitBalls you need right from our website by clicking the links in the menu. BaitBalls are heading to a store near you very soon but until then you can only buy them from the website. This exclusive product is changing the way people are doing fishing forever. Our work is the result of hard work, innovative thinking, and honest love of fishing. When you get your first BaitBalls you'll see right away the quality and integrity that went into producing these balls. This level of integrity is what makes us the innovative company the fishing industry needs.


Our team is a committed group of individuals who love to fish locally and around the world. Whether it's salt water or fresh water we've taken steps to improve our product by using it ourselves. Discover for yourself just how effective BaitBalls can be thanks to this entrepreneurial team of dedicated fishermen.
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At BaitBalls we believe that our work is making fishing a whole lot easier for us all. Being able to chum the water wherever you want with whatever method you want has made fishing a whole lot funner by helping you and us catch and land more fish when beach fishing, kite fishing, trolling, and more. Discover what we are all about today by buying your first box of BaitBalls and trying them out in your favorite fishing spot. These fish oil filled paintballs work great and attract more of the fish that you want to catch!