How BaitBalls Work...

Use Baitballs for all sorts of fish and types of fishing.

Deep Drop

Use BaitBalls when deep drop fishing for a great fishing experience. Simply stuff your bait with BaitBalls and let them dissolve.


When kite fishing you can use BaitBalls to catch everything from Snapper to Sailfish. Simply drop some BaitBalls in the water.


BaitBalls are great for reef fishing. Catch everything from Grouper to Snapper by dropping BaitBalls in the water or shooting them around with a paintball gun!


BaitBalls are great for trolling as you can catch all kinds of fish when you get enough delicious fish oil in the water. Drop them in the water or shoot them around with a paintball gun.

Fresh Water

For fresh water fish you can toss or shoot your BaitBalls where you cast your line to attract fish to that area. Use a paintball gun or just throw them in!


BaitBalls work great for beach fishing and can help you catch all kinds of off shore fish. Shoot BaitBalls into the water or just toss them in!


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This product is really awesome! The fish love it and I have more fun!
John SommersSouth Florida Saltwater Fisherman
I catch more fish and spend less on chum. BaitBalls are just what I need!
Bishop KinardNew Orleans Saltwater Fisherman
I love it! BaitBalls are so easy to use! Just throw them in the water!
James BeecherFlorida Keys Saltwater Fisherman
BaitBalls made my fishing trips more productive. I highly recommend.
Evon PeterAlaska Saltwater Fisherman
The fish go crazy for these things! I love using them to fish.
Will StoweNorth Carolina Freshwater Fisherman
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